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The Finest in Homemade Authentic Italian Cooking

Daily Special

  JANAURY  18 ,  19 ,    2020       

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Homemade soup of the day: Tues Bean soup  Wed- Beef vegatable Thurs- Chicken pastina,
  Fri - Cream of potato soup Sat- Beef Vegetable soup Sun-- Chicken Pastina  


Fafrfalle con seafood alfredo with broccoli, tomatoes shrimp, scallops,
lobster,mussells sauteed in a skillet in a creamy alfredo sauce  $ 32 

Rigatoni alla Burino fresh made sausage that is sauteed in creamy
bechamael sauce with mushrooms and tossed with rigatoni  $ 21  (add vodka for $ 3 )

Mamma's Platter  Homemade meat Lasagna, penne ziti fradiavoli con shrimp  $ 29

Fried platter of calamari, fried zucchini sticks, mozaarella sticks, deep fried cheese 
ravioli served with a side of red chilli pepper sauce and fresh homemade marinara sauce  $ 17

All our meals are made to order from our scratch kitchen this ensures quality and freshness to each entree that is 
made in our kitchen,,so we please ask for your patience as we are preparing your meal you will not leave unhappy or hungry .

                Thank you Chef Roberto and Chef Vincenzo our family and our wonderful staff .



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