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Phone: 937-299-5831
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The Finest in Homemade Authentic Italian Cooking

Daily Special

       June 4 , 7 , 8,  2023
Quote of the day : Smile and gratitude 
                 will make you stronger.              

~ Homemade Soup of the Day: Pasta fagioli

        Dinner Features
~ Homemade cheese shells and cheese tortellini
   con chicken alla vodka con spinach combo

~ Chicken and shrimp alla romano two hand picked jumbo shrimp
  two medallions of chicken sliced red peppers,onions,capers
    mushrooms sauteed in a skillet in a red cream sauce 

~ Tomato Bruschetta drizzled with ex vir
       olive oil,balsamic glaze

~ Mamma DiSalvo's is hiring call 937-760-8101 Chef Bobby 



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