Mamma DiSalvo's Ristorante


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our Address

Phone: 937-299-5831
Fax Your Order 937-299-1752

The Finest in Homemade Authentic Italian Cooking

Daily Special

      October      30 , 31 ,    2020    
Please visit our website for our  hours and carryout menu  and our facebook page .

We ask that you please  wear your  mask . 
     We are all in this together.

Homemade soup of the day  : Friday Cream of potato soup with homemade dumplings
                            Saturday  Chicken pastina with homemade egg drops 

Mamma's features

Pasta con fruiti di mare shrimp,scallops,lobster,clams in the shell,mussells
 sauteed in a light lemon piccatta sauce with spinach,tomatoes,mushrooms
   served over a bed of angel hair or linguini  $ 34

Mamma's  combo homemade meat lasagna and homemade cheese 
tortellini con alfredo chicken and spinach $ 25

Penne con  Broccoli,chicken, sun dried tomatoes sauteed in a 
skillet con aglia,olio tossed with penne ziti pasta $ 17

Fresh Mozzarella caprese combo fried calamari 
 served with Mamma's marinara sauce  $ 16




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