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The Finest in Homemade Authentic Italian Cooking

Daily Special

      July  1, 2 ,  2022 

Happy 4th of July  Happy Independence day God Bless America 
  lets all be thankful and Blessed to live in  
     the greatest Country in the World !!!

Mamma DiSalvo will be closed from July 3 -- July 20th 
        We will re-open on the 21 of  July

~ Homemade soup of the day : Chicken pastina 

       Mamma`s Features 

~ Shrimp and Chicken molise two hand picked shrimp and
  two chicken medallions sauteed in a lemon white wine
  sauce with capers, artichokes, mushrooms, spinach
        served over a bed of linguini pasta 

~ Chicken parmigiano alforno served with a side of 
  fettuccini alfredo  two fresh cut chicken breast 
  baked in the oven with melted mozzarella cheese 

~ Mamma's combo Homemade Cheese shells, Rigatoni
  con chicken in a creamy pesto alfredo  sauce 


~  Fresh Mozzarella caprese drizzled with 
        Ev Olive oil,balsamic glaze 

~ (Specials are subject to change without notice ....)



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