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Phone: 937-299-5831
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The Finest in Homemade Authentic Italian Cooking

Daily Special

              June      23  ,   25   ,      2019 

 Mamma's car show has been moved to June 30th , 2019   starting at 12:00 --5:00  .
We will be doing our Meatball eating contest registration $ 10.
We will be serving meatball subs , Pizza's, Hamburgers, hot dogs, Brats  .          
  (weather permitting ) keep those fingers crossed. 
              Quote of the day
 La Vita E` Fatta Di Giorni Che Non significano Niente E Momenti Che
 Significano Tutto.   Life is made for days that mean nothing
  and moments that mean everything.                                                                

  Soup of the day   Homemade :   Chicken Pastina   (changes daily)


Fussili pasta  con broccoli, chicken, fresh grape tomatoes 
made to order and sauteed in a skillet with aglia, olio   $  18

Mamma's combo plate  Homemade lasagna con fettuccini alfredo con shrimp,spinach  combo   $ 24

Chicken parmigiano alforno served with a side of linguini con meatsauce and meatball   $ 23


Shrimp  cocktail served with homemade cocktail sauce  $ 11



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